Hi, have you met Jonathan and Cora?

Earlier in March we had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and Cora Cohlmeyer. These two wonderful people are past grads of our program (the sheridan web design family is big!) they graduated with the class of 2011. Let me tell you a little bit about them.

Jonathan and Cora
Jonathan and Cora

First we have Cora; a Web Designer. When Cora graduated from the Web Design program she had an interest in start up companies, and wanted to see what working for one was like. So, she worked with a tech start up company for about a year before moving on to becoming the one of the founding partners of JRC9.

Next we have Jonathan, he focused mainly on freelance jobs after school and enjoyed building websites. After working for a little while as a freelance developer Jonathan co founded JRC9 with Cora.

Jonathan and Cora built their company(JRC9) with the hopes that they can empower other change makers like themselves by providing creating and managing their web presence, making sure that their clients are able to reach a broader audience and together they can make this world a better place.

“We believe in the good of humankind and share it though our work.” – JRC9

JRC9 told us that the work with 5 important values these values drive them to be better people and in turn a better company and designers.

  • Empathy: placing themselves in the shoes of others and feeling what they feeling.
  • Patience: being patient with yourself and others is key.
  • Friendship: strive to work with change makers who they can learn from inspire them to make the world a better place.
  • Environment: live simply, consume less, and spread the kind food movement, supporting inspiring environmental organizations.
  • Collaboration is powerful: JRC9 collaborate with some of the other entrepreneurs/companies that inspire them. Some of the collaboration partners are: wondereur, studio jaywall, synthescape (art imaging), and Teach for Canada.

The interesting thing about JRC9 is that they don’t have a fancy office just for them in a trendy area in Toronto. They make their home at this place called the the Center for Social Innovation or CSI for short.

The Center for Social Innovation is a social enterprise, with the mission to spread social innovation around Toronto and beyond. Their goal is to help society as it faces unprecedented environmental, economic, social and cultural challenges. They believe innovating will give them the strength to turn all these challenges they are facing into opportunities. To improve not just our communities here at home but communities all over the planet.

Here’s a little bit more about The Center for Social Innovation:

What is CSI?

  • CSI started in 2004
  • It’s a shared workspace for like minded socially conscious entrepreneurs
  • Composed of diverse people
  • They’re supported by staff and a board of directors

What do they do?

  • They offer all the basics of an office
  • Have shared resources
  • Event spaces
  • Provide members with tools, services, and connections they may need (like micro loans)
  • Provide Awesome culture

After telling us a bit about CSI Jonathan and Cora went into details about some of the projects they’ve worked on.  The first being the Umistapotlatch Project and the second being Teach for Canada.  From how they spoke about them you could really see the level of love and pride they had for each project. Jonathan and Cora are such caring people. They told us so much about each project that I wanted to share one of them with you and I picked the one that touched me the most.


Teach for Canada

Teach for Canada is a non profit company that is working towards equal education opportunity for all Canadians. They recruit, connect, prepare, and support teachers that are interested in working in the Northern First Nations Communities of Canada.

JRC9 was responsible for the  design and development of Teach for Canada’s online presence so that they are able to attract teachers looking to work with them. JRC9 also provides ongoing support by continuing to update their website and improving on the teachers application process, and creating any infographics or print materials needed to achieve successful awareness.

The main goal when creating the Teach for Canada website was to make sure the online application process was easy as to not deter teachers from applying.


Jonathan and Cora’s visit was really up lifting. It was great to see that two individuals with a goal to change the world and see the results they have been having was inspiring in a way and they left us with a little hint about our portfolios:

Take on work that you want to have in your portfolio – you will fill it with projects you are interested in and obtain better recommendations.

You can change the world with design.

How to get in contact with Jonathan and Cora

Jonathan Cohlmeyer

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-cohlmeyer-0b971a22

Website: https://jrc9.ca/

Cora Cohlmeyer

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/cora-cohlmeyer-9b8b481a

Website: https://jrc9.ca/



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