Hi, have you met Hugh?

About a week ago (Friday October 16th) we spoke with Hugh Elliott, who is currently a freelance developer but that’s just one of the things he does.

Hugh has gone many places over his career below is a timeline of his work experience:


So what’s next for Hugh?

Over the course of his career he has developed new skills and interests working in both agency and freelance environments. When it comes to his professional work, Hugh spoke of his interest in UX/UI Design and is leaning towards moving his career in that direction.

But, do you remember when I said he does more than just develop?

Hugh is also a “Maker”. Makers are people who are interested in making /building things, and they are always exploring new builds. Constantly churning out cool and unique products. They also tend to have many different “Passion” projects on the go to! They just love to create!

Some of Hugh’s Maker/Passion Projects are:

Infinity Mirrors (which are super cool and I want to make one!)

Long Exposure Projects

A hovercraft

LED Clock

LED Lit Balls (that look awesome in a gum machine, and are great for his long exposure projects)

After we talked about his passions and career, he laid some solid advice on us.

“Start looking at companies, where you want to work.” – Hugh Elliott

He told us to start now and research where we want to work at, we’re entering a competitive job market and we should have a good idea about which road we want to take, that’s not saying you have to stick with what you started with though.

“You gotta be hungry” – Hugh Elliott

By keeping “hungry”, it will help ups to keep moving and growing as designers/developers/anything! Also once again like previous speakers who graduated from Sheridan have told us Hugh said that the people in our class are a great way to make friends and maintain connections with them well into the feature.

After he told us everything that he thought would help us, he opened the floor for questions. During this discussion I picked out a few things Hugh said that I feel were very important.

“Stop taking selfies they’re stupid.” – Hugh Elliott

  1. If you choose to freelance be prepared for slow times, and have a nest egg built up in case you need it.
  2. Go ahead and climb the latter but, make sure that you can maintain the quality of your work.
  3. Free collaborative work is great it develops meaningful relationships. Be ware spec.
  4. If you going to freelance, develop your brand and use it to brand your social media accordingly.

I really enjoyed listening to Hugh’s adventure though his career and his life. He had a lot of great points and advice. He reminded me that it’s okay to listen to your inner 8 year old and do something super creative, but to also to try things even if you might fail at catastrophically.

Be creative, make things!

How to get in contact with Hugh

Hugh Elliott: Freelance Developer

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/hughqelliott

Personal Website: http://hughqelliott.bigcartel.com/



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