Hi, have you met Sean?

Second presenter: Sean Patrick and Sheila!
Second presenter: Sean Patrick and Sheila!

On Friday September 25th 2015, we had the pleasure of meeting Sean Patrick. When he walked into the class he was instantly hilarious and brought this bubble of excitement with him and I knew we were in for a treat! When Shelia sent us the notification email she mentioned that his linkedin profile isn’t enough to tell you how dynamic Sean is – and I definitely believe her now that I’ve had the chance to meet him.

Here’s a little background and I say little because Sean has done so much! After 25 years in design he has had the chance to wear many different hats! That just goes to show you that roads in your career can be never ending if you work hard enough for it!

First let’s start with the fact that he graduated from Sheridan in 1992 (Woohoo another win for us!).  He talked about his time here at Sheridan fondly and mentioned one specific teacher. The teacher he referred to was his “scariest” teacher. He would walk around with a stick in his hand slapping the board for emphasis while talking in a harsh polish accent.

“Sooooo, you van to be a (veb) designa?”

This teachers name was Richard Janice, he was a highly trained designer who taught with a hard hand, but Sean said that it was this teacher that made him want to be a better designer.

After school Sean went on to work in many different positions, let me list some here:

Creative Director at Beer.com (for 2 years)

Founded Patrick Paradisi Inc with his wife Simone (for 4 years, but he has recently returned to this)

VP Digital & Creative Services at Mosaic Sales Solutions (6 years)

Professor at Sheridan College (Web Design and Marketing) (20 years!!! Holy Moly!)

Sean spent a lot of time talking to us about what it takes to be successful in the design world and in school, and I think what he said was invaluable to us. It both scared and excited me!

“We all have different processes, these processes won’t make good work. You need to learn how to work with your process to make good work.” – Sean Patrick

He told us that this year is a year of discovery! To take chances, try new things, and don’t say no to any opportunities. Like Janice he also went on to say that this is our chance to collaborate with others in our class and make tight connections that could last a lifetime.

Another tip we got from him was if we get an idea take the time to flesh it out, zero in on something we want to do, then research the hell out of it, take the time to get to know your subject matter and work hard. On the other hand take some time and have a break come back to you design with a fresh brain and eyes. During this time you’ll let your design breath and you will start to be able to see the big picture, but don’t forget to proof your project when your done! Details friends! Last but not least Sean told us to take accountability for ourselves, don’t make excuses as to why its not done and just do it.

After all that, Sean left us with 4 simple rules to survive the school year (and to use in your career) and here they are.

“Stand on a lot of shoulders on a lot of giants, if you don’t find the shoulders you want to stand on you won’t succeed”- Sean Patrick

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail (this course).
    • Failure is learning.
    • It gives you a chance to define what success means to you!
    • Get inspired!
    • Discover/learn your triggers then learn how to avoid them or manage them.
  2. Know what your good at and face what your not.
    • Spend time to get to know what your good at!
    • Work hard on improving what your not.
  3. Look around you.
    • Step away from that screen
    • Take things that you like from other things, build on what you know. Make it yours – never be afraid to look at examples.
  4. Be prepared.
    1. Getting the project done is only half of the challenge; Ask yourself “Is it done?”, “Does it work?”, make sure you spend the time to get the project to the point it needs to be.
    3. Ask for help!
    4. Take those handouts out and double check your requirements.

“I can help you with crap and I can help you with stupid, but I cant help you with nothing” – Sean Patrick

Sean also showed us a little bit from this video below. I took the time to watch the full thing, I’m just gonna leave this hear for when I have blank page anxiety.

Wow, all of the things Sean talked about on Friday will stick with me throughout my career and my time here in school.

Things got real.

How to get in contact with Sean

Sean Patrick: President & Co-Founder at Patrick Paradisi Inc.

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/seanpaulpatrick

Personal Website: http://www.patrickparadisi.com/

Current Job: Patrick Paradisi Inc

Email: sean@patrickparadisi.com


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