Hi, have you met Janice?

Here’s a short (maybe long) intro for Janice Law! 

Image of Janice Law
First presenter: Janice Law

Last Friday the class and I had the opportunity to meet Janice Law. She is an alumnus of Sheridan College from the Web Design class of 2012 (Woohoo!). She came into the Web Design Program with a bachelor of Design from OCAD, and like some of us she worked for a few years in the field at a print based company and was looking for a change. That’s what brought her to the Web Design Family here at Sheridan.

Once her time was done here at Sheridan, she went on to do some awesome things. She started off by working at SapientNitro. Where she started as a junior designer and worked her way up to a designer. During her time at SapientNitro she learned a lot about working in an office environment, working with clients, and working with coworkers. While Janice was working with SapientNitro she got to work with some big companies, such as Porter Airline and Cadillac Fairview.

After working with SapientNitro for two years she recently made a move to Tribal Worldwide. While she’s only been there for a few months Janice has already had the chance to work on a big (mobile only) instagram campaign for Adidas. How cool is that!?

“Sheridan completely changed my life, it opened so many doors for me” – Janice Law

Janice gave us a lot of great tips for surviving our whirlwind journey in both school and after school. She gave us so many of amazing tips. I’m just going to go a head and list some of my favourites.

How to survive school:

  1. Take care of yourself.
  2. Details, details, details: a great sense of detail will help you a lot along the way!
  3. This class is our family for the next 8 months, collaborate, make connections, be nice to each other, support each other.
  4. Don’t burn your bridges (the design community is very small).
  5. Have fun! Enjoy your time here.
  6. Always ask for feedback.

Make a wicked brand for yourself:

  1. Create a great logo/brand for yourself.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Stay in the game, always upgrade and watch those trends.
  4. Keep your portfolio relevant.

Show off in that resume:

  1. Make it one page and easy to read.
  2. Speak to your experience in as few words as possible.
  3. Consider the hierarchy of info (make it easy to scan, keep it short, make it easy to find the important stuff)

How to shine at our Grad Show:

  1. Network, network, network; use this time to reach out to people you want to connect with!
  2. Don’t be shy! This is not the time.
  3. Be well prepared (bring your laptop, or tablet to show your stuff)
  4. Choose your best work!
  5. Do your research on companies you want to connect with!
  6. Follow up with the people you meet!

Impress in that interview:

  1. Dress to impress – dress for the role you want! First impressions are important.
  2. Research the company! They will ask you about it.
  3. Include process work in your portfolio!
  4. Follow up with an email. Thank them for their time! (you can be creative in what way you do this!)

Your time is over at Sheridan what now?

  1. Continue to work hard and get noticed!
  2. Don’t ever stop learning!
  3. Be passionate!

My thoughts so far:

After having the chance to listen to Janice speak to her experiences about her time here at Sheridan and what has happened to her since she left. I’m filled with this incredible urge to dive right into this “head first”.

Bring it on!

How to get in contact with Janice

Janice Law: Designer at Tribal Worldwide

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janicelawdesign

Personal Website: http://janicelawdesign.com/

Current Job: Tribal Worldwide

Instagram: janbearr

Email: hello@janicelawdesign.com

Below are some useful resources that Janice shared with us:

Noun Project

Subtle Patterns

Color Hunt

FWA – Favourite Website Awards



Lovely UI



Skala Preview (this is an app)


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